How DeYoung's Fore Seasons began:

For over 15 years, Mark DeYoung, my husband, worked in the kitchens throughout the Metro Detroit area. It was there that he found a need for adding extra flavor to the average main entree and side dish. He experimented with several different combinations of herbs and spices until he achieved the exact flavor he was looking for. The final blend was a combination of 18 robust herbs and spices. Mark seasoned fish, wild game, pork, poultry, beef, and vegetables; the spice was incredibly versatile.  The combination brings out the natural flavor of every individual dish without jeopardizing the nutritional value.  It takes the "game" flavor out of your wild game and enhances your fresh catch. The spice is well-known for the flavor it gives to Salmon on and off the grill.  We were married in 1995.  Mark was a chef in a private country club and I was a store manager for a local grocery store chain.  We were trying to think of unique Christmas gifts to give family and friends without spending alot of money.  Mark made his perfected blend and I put the secret recipe in decorative holiday canisters-instant unique gift!   In 1999, a family member suggested making the secret blend and selling it; DeYoung's Fore Seasons gourmet spice blend was born. 

In January of 2005, I decided to leave my outside sales job.  The long commute and lack of quality family time were just a few of the contributing factors.  I was tired of missing the small milestones of both boys and the preschool activities parents take for granted.  I tried looking for a new career with a more flexible schedule with no success.  So Mark and I decided it was time to reintroduce DeYoung's Fore Seasons.  Mark continued to hold a full time restuarant management position, while I did all aspects of the business.  I contacted retailers from my sales days and local media with our product, story, and purpose with an overwhelming response.   

William and Gregory DeYoung:  The boys from left to right- Gregory (5) and William (7).   

In 1999, DeYoung's Fore Seasons started with two gourmet retailers when we found out the family was about to get bigger.  The whole purpose of this business was to create a financial future for our children.  Mark and I held our full time jobs and did the spice business in our spare time.  When William came into our lives in March of 2000, we had a tough decision to make.  We decided to put the spice business on hold so we could share in the raising of our son.  I worked days and Mark worked afternoons, and we did the baby swap at 3:00 p.m.  William  was only 13 months old when we found out another baby was on the way.  Gregory came into our lives in December of 2001.  Mark and I continued our hectic schedules and baby/toddler swapping until 2005.




DeYoung's Fore Seasons is carried in over 40 stores throughout the Metro Detroit area, and a two store chain in Florida.  We also provide online purchasing as we strive to go nationally.  People across the country have began their quest for a healthier lifestyle. DeYoung's Fore Seasons is the perfect addition to any healthy eating plan. The robust herbs and spices season your food selections to new gourmet levels, with no MSG and 1/3 less sodium than normal Kosher Salt**.

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