You can find DeYoung's Fore Seasons at the Michigan Antiques and Collectibles Festival in Midland June 1 and 2...

We'd also like to introduce two new local retailer partners-

White Lake Market
3393 Ormond Rd
White Lake Michigan

DJ's Meats
3444 North Duck Lake Road Highland, MI 48356
(248) 889-0300

We support all of our retail partners- 
big or small. 
We are all just one big family!

Welcome to DeYoung's Fore Seasons gourmet spice blends.  
We have two wonderful hand mixed blends.  Some of our customers like to call them rubs, but we feel they are soo much more.  They are also healthy solutions to spice blends.   Each blend has 410 mg of sodium per full teaspoon when iodized table salt has on average 1200 mg of sodium per 1/4 teaspoon. Each are made with 18 fine herbs and spices.  Our Original blend reminds me of the comforting tastes of Thanksgiving.  The sage, cumin, rosemary, etc...  really stand out and enhances the natural flavors of whatever you use it on.  I highly recommend it for grilling Chicken, Turkey, Fish, or Pork.

Our Chipotle blend, introduced in 2009, has exploded.  We do not add enough of the Chipotle pepper to make it too spicey, just savory.  The nice smokey flavor ends with a kick of heat.  I highly recommend it for Beef, Pork, and Chili recipes.  

Take a moment to browse through our delicious easy to do recipes. The recipes help create tasty meals in minutes.  Our blends can help an average consumer feel like a gourmet chef.  Feel free to use either blends for every recipe.  Or maybe, you're looking for a local retailer near you carrying our blends.  Whatever the reason, kick off your shoes and stay awhile.  

As always- Happy Cooking!
Becky DeYoung

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